Matching your pocket square with your personality

How to match your pocket square with your personality

What type of personality traits do you possess? Are you lazy? Impulsive? Anxious? Self-centered? Sarcastic? 

If you're boring, then these pocket squares aren't for you. Sorry. We're here to add flair and colour to the every day neat-casual and upper class man who wants to add a touch of excitement to his look.

1: Sarcastic / Out-there / Bubbly / Centre of attention / Extraversion / Confident:

Are you always cracking jokes, the one who is constantly talking and starting conversations and likes being the centre of attention? No one likes admitting they are, but it's ok. I feel like I am, that just makes us confident who cares right?

If you feel like you meet these criteria of personality, you need to ROCK OUT WITH YOUR POCKET OUT. 

Our designs such as our banana bunch, upside down ok and emoji's will not only add some serious eye-catching moments, but also some colour and pazazz. The type that will fill that void of being left out of as a child and not ever living up to your parent's expectations and never being good enough so you try to make up for the years of emotional absence and substitute it with the approval of others by being that 'out-there' guy...No?.. Yeah nah me neither...Awkward..Umm, yeah. Moving on!

The colour mixture of the bananas (pink and yellow) supports your outfit with that vibrancy which can uplift your casual look to a more fashionable one. Plus, pink makes the girls/guys wink. Look to pair it with a neutral colour blazer (grey) with a tucked-in open-collared white shirt, tan belt and dark navy or black jeans. 


2: Reserved / Clear-Headed / Timid / Modest / Heartful:

Do any of the above ring true to the type of person you are? You may contain one or multiple from both categories that's normal, but are you mostly in #2? If you answered yes, but still want to add a bit of flare and excitement to your outfit then look no further than our 'Nuts about donuts' and 'On cloud 9'.

Both designs offer of spark and elegance, without pushing the boundaries completely. You'll certainly get the attention, but not crying out for it. At the same time, you'll get questions about it, so if you're timid and reserved be prepared to have something prepared. 

I like to write down my responses to certain questions on a piece of paper, that I keep in my blazer pocket. When someone asks me a question I find it on my sheet (which is colour coded) and read my prepared answer. It's hard if it's a loud environment, like a bar or club. I feel like I am just yelling at them whilst staring down at a piece of paper. Sometimes when I look up after I finish my response, they aren't there anymore. I think it's because they were tired and had to go home. Let's go with that.

3. Quirky / Educated / Casual / Artful / Amusing

Are you the type who is into art, games, retro things? The type who might love all things Marvel, DC universe, Star Wars etc? Everyone likes Star Wars and Marvel, but not many like it to the point where they wear those branded T shirts to dinner outings / cafes / bars etc where you may as well wear a sign stamped over your head saying 'OPPOSITE SEX, PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH ME'

(Unless they are into those things as much and as passionately as you, which let's be honest is a very small percent...Which is why you are reading this and probably thinking why it is you are still single? And your family keeps asking you at Christmas lunch why you haven't met anyone yet? Then you stare down and you have a T shirt on that says 'May the force be with you')

Lets completely strip it back, you can still show-off how much you like these things, but in a fun and fashionable way. Enter 'Space Invaders' and 'Pac-Mac' designs. Both retro, fitting and meets your needs of showing off how much you live all things geek!






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